Monday, January 31, 2011

For Amy and Haleigh

Amy and Haleigh miss me so much in Italy that they have asked me to post "personal" entries every now and then about what's been going on in the good 'ol LBK. I'll just mix these in with my other posts. If anyone is upset with this slight can just get over it.

Anyways, classes of course have begun and it's back to the grind. Most of my classes are pretty boring..err..I mean GREAT. The other day in my public policy class our professor asked if anyone had done anything fun the night before (a Wednesday night I might add) and a young man from the very back pipes back, "I'm still drunk from the night before!...I thought you had to chug everclear?" Professor: "No, you really don't." It was entertaining to say the least. I'm still curious to know how he is hasn't been kicked out of the university.

Let's see..what else has been going on? I went to Snyder last weekend to lead a DNow for FBC Snyder. Chelsea went too and we had a lot of fun. I had the freshmen girls and when they found out I had a brother who was also a freshman, they freaked. It was so funny. The whole weekend I just kept remembering when I was that age and the things that were important to me. Who liked who, who broke up with who, which guy was the cutest in the school, etc. The speaker was a guy named Chris Body from (drum roll please).... PINE COVE!!! Do you know him Haleigh?

I haven't been going to basketball games, but even though we stink, we are getting better! We should still fire Pat Knight of course. Oh, and we are getting some pretty cool football recruits for next year. Our new DC is from TCU. Sounds pretty legit.

I'm getting a new car at Spring Break! The next time you see me, the Impala will be no more. It will be sad, but at least there will be no more mysterious clicking noise, dead batteries, ghetto-fabulous-ness, lack of drink holders in the back...did I miss something??!! haha.

Sorry this was so long. I just miss ya'll and wanted to keep you updated on life in the South Plains. haa. Love you girls and hope you are having a splendid time in Firenze.


  1. TARA!! I miss you sooooo much! I bet no one minds your post for us :) I think you should befriend this guy in your public policy class.. Only he can make up for Haleigh and I being gone! I saw some of the recruits for next year and I am pretty pumped. Pat Knight better be gone by the end of the season. Time for some new blood. I will be sad to see the Impala gone.. You better send me one last picture of that baby!! Let me know what kind of car you are thinking of getting! Well really long comment i know but i will save the all about for when we talk!


  2. dear friend,
    I miss you terribly and I love this post sooo much!! I miss the LBK alittle bit but this helps me be in the know so its not so bad! haha and I hope school keep being entertaining like that guy...haha sounds like a keeper;) and forget ball cuz football is looking sick! Im freaking pumped to watch games next fall and im hoping to come out to at least a few!! and thank Jesus for a new car!! I really thought the other was gunna blow sometimes!! but anywho I love you and we need to Skype soon:)) and throw a snowball at someone for me if you get the chance!! haha