Thursday, August 25, 2011


Don't really know what to call this because I made it up. I was rushing to see a friend before my night class a few days ago and needed to make something to eat really fast. I've been trying to avoid fast food, so I dug in the fridge and pantry until I found stuff I could work with.

I'm kind of a weird person, in that I like to see how delicious of something I can make with minimal ingredients. I challenge myself to get creative and see what I can come up with. Most of the time  Every now and then I'm successful.

Here's all I did:

First I made some couscous. So light and delicious. The best part is it only takes 5 minutes to cook. I have a bad reputation for cooking rice, meaning..well...I just suck at making rice, ok? So couscous is perfect for me because it's a lot more difficult to mess up.
Then I sauteed some veggies. I heated olive oil in a pan and sprinkled my veggies with Tony's. I also added a tiny bit of butter as well. We had bell pepper and zucchini, so those are the veggies I used. Definately would've added broccoli, squash or onion if I did it again. I reheated my steak and sauteed that in the pan with my veggies for a few minutes too.
When everything looked cooked, I put my couscous in a bowl and put everything else on top. (As if you couldn't figure that out from my picture....sorry.) I tend to eat things from a bowl more than from a plate, if possible. Just my preference.

Overall it was really good. A great thing to make if you are trying to watch what you eat. Of course- you could make this 10X more difficult and expansive....but this is the way to go if you are trying to run out the door like I was.

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